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The novel, Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix, is mainly about two boys, Jonah and Chip. The adolescent Jonah Skidmore, feels like an average kid, with an intelligent but slightly annoying younger sister named Katherine. The fact that Jonah is adopted has never been a big deal for him, maybe due to his parents always being very open and reassuring about it. To Jonah, life feels normal. That is, until the letter arrives. The letter, which has no return address or signature, says: YOU ARE ONE OF THE MISSING. Then, his new friend, Chip Winston, receives one as well. Chip’s letter brings out his family’s long-kept secret of his adoption, and isn’t handling it very well. Together, they break into Mr. Winston’s home safe to search for information. They discover the phone number of Mr. James Reardon. They dial the number and find out he works for the FBI. …show more content…

Reardon of the FBI. But first, Jonah receives another mysterious letter, this time reading BEWARE! THEY’RE COMING BACK TO GET YOU. Even more on edge than ever, Jonah and Katherine manage to sneak some information from a file sitting on Mr. Reardon’s desk, including lists of “witnesses” and “survivors”. Jonah and Chip’s name are on the survivor list.
They talk to Angela DuPre, (character from the prologue), but all of the witnesses don't speak about what happened thirteen-years ago. All the survivors are adopted like Jonah, with every survivor being thirteen like Jonah. Later, Angela invites Jonah, Chip, and Katherine to the library to talk about what happened thirteen years

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