Boyz R Us Analysis

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Scott Monks introduces the reader to his book about boys and gangs, growing up in an area where it is a norm to be in a gang and leadership in a gang. Introducton: The story of the book, Boyz “r “us deals with Mitchel, (Mitch) and gangs in the 1990’s in Marrickville, an inner suburb of Sydney. The toughness of boys growing up in extreme circumstances, poverty, one parent families, dysfunctional families. Juvenile delinquencies of boys and siblings, assaults and wilful damage. Differentiation of race and segregation of societies in the inner suburb of Sydney. The political correctness of a dysfunctional community painted in black and white by the author, Scott Monk. Characters of the book Boyz “r” us: The Jarratt family: Alan: the boy’s father, his occupation …show more content…

The settings of a family which has a negative effect on family and boys. Mainly what the characters are inclined to do against each other, the dysfunctional family life and the one parent family. The story has increased my knowledge about gangs and the impact on boys, that positivity of one person is better than the adversity of a gang. The author Scott Monk message to boys is being in a gang, especially a criminal gang is a futile, it is informative in regards that boys can do positive things in their life, that the need to turn their back on gangs and violence. Another aspect is that fighting amongst each gang is fostering a criminal environment. Throughout the book and when Mitchel turned his life around by contact of becoming friends with Elias Batrouney, I related with him, Mitchel. It has encouraged me to take a serious view of my life on what I wanted to do with my life and vocation, starting my apprenticeship in a school environment. Brendon Wild P.3 I enjoyed reading this book as the characters are boys and it is written in an area of controversy. Monk reflects on the characters of boys. What I did not like about the book

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