Positive Influence Of Social Media Essay

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Positive Influences of Social Media Imagine getting engaged, looking at that diamond ring on your finger just puts a smile on your face! Wouldn't you want to share this moment with the world? In today's world people post moments like their engagements on social media in order to inform their friends and family of the events that are occurring in their lives. I feel that social media enhances the way that our family and friends view our lives. Social media has a positive influence on individuals and their relationships by keeping people connected with each other, it has an ability to brighten ones mood, and social media allows people to share details with an extensive amount of people. Social media allows people to stay in contact with each other even if they are too busy to meet with each other. People are always busy whether it's going to work or taking care of their children, they seem to have less time to meet with their other friends and family members. Social media allows people to see images of what their …show more content…

People have so much to do that they have less time to meet with their loved ones so social media is essential in order to be aware of what ones loved ones are doing and how they are feeling. Seeing others do well or reading the numerous positive words and phrases on social media is spiritually and mentally uplifting. Simply reading a spiritual quote on social media can encourage one to not give up and provides hope. Social media allows people to make new friends and people all over the world use social media. If someone has a cause that they want to raise awareness about by using social media they are able to reach a wide audience. If one does not use social media they are missing out on an opportunity to improve their relationship with

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