Social Media Sociology

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Social media was created two decades ago and has developed a lot since 1997 when it had first made an appearance in the world. Before social media many people did not have a way to communicate or interact with others using electronics, everything was verbal or written. When social media first made a blogging page it became a hit as told by Small Business Trends, “In 1999, the first blogging sites became popular, creating a social media sensation that is still popular today.” Social media has made an impact in many people’s lives throughout the years. After blogging was invented, social media exploded with popularity. Social media has made its way up with new development and although it helps us stay connected with others and helps us make new …show more content…

Many people in the outside world are not able to meet new people and interact at times because they may be shy or are not used to talking verbally, so when they have any type of social media it can help them. When some people are not allowed to go out or do not have time to socialize in the outside world then they can just pop on the computer and talk to others all over the place. Sometimes they are not able to find people who they may have things in common with so certain cites can help them meet new people whom they may have the same interest as them whether it is in the same state or another. There are some cases where people who have felt alone, depressed, sad, etc. because they have had no one to talk to and became different, happier, more social, etc., when making a social media as told by Cyberbullying Research Center, “teens around the world have embraced social media to connect with others who can encourage them, mentor them, inspire them, and – most of all – show them they are not …show more content…

Many people think that they do not exist because they are usually in disguise but they exist. Predators are usually what people know as “catfish.” Catfish means someone uses another person’s information and pictures in order to talk to people younger or older than them. The effect on people based on online predators is becoming a horrible and terrifying thing. It seems that usually younger teens are the ones trusting someone whom they have never seen in person only online and in pictures. Teenager are usually the ones to say that they “know” them or that they are “friends” just because they communicate behind a computer screen or phone, “Once a predator Instant Messages or Chats with a victim and gains their trust they often send pornographic pictures via the IM session or e-mail and sometimes gifts through the mail. “Predators sometimes do not only want to “talk” or be “friends” with their victim. Most of the time they are usually looking for something more. There have been many cases where teens are victimized because they do not do what the “predator” tells them to. When it comes to kids or teens it seems like they are scared to talk about what is going on because they are afraid to get hurt. In many cases the victims look for a way out but fail to do so, so they take the easy way out by committing

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