The Positive Impact Of Social Media

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Social Media is a common platform widely used by people for interacting and sharing information using; this includes as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ amongst others (SocialMediaDefined, 2014). After assessing the recent statistics which states that there are 1590 million active Facebook users and 1000 million active WhatsApp users, it is evident that the interactions with social media are extensive. (Chaffey, 2016) According to the author Erik Qualman “the power of social media is it forces necessary change” (Vries, 2013) the power can be utilized either for a better cause or a misdeed but the question is how it is being made use of. Factors such as impact on business, creating social awareness and socialization are discussed to understand the positive impacts of media along with its counter effects. Most businesses rely on social media for several reasons which boost up the business to create better sales. Some of them are creating the brand recognition, customer loyalty, decreased marketing costs and using various advertising methods to attract the customers (Q. Ta, 2014). 74% of customers buying decision is decided using the influence of social media as well as 80% of customers prefer to connect to the brands they consume through Facebook (Bennett, 2014) When it comes to businesses, it is vital that customers and the organization have close connections. Social media provides a favorable medium for this purpose by quick response for their feedback or complaints and
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