Summary Of Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

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“Is Google Making Us Stupid” written by Nicholas Carr is a great article. He attempts to help us understand that as a society the more that the World Wide Web turns into our essential source of data, it starts to lower our ability to read books. Despite the fact that reading offers information that the internet may already have, it makes the learning process slower. One of the first things that Carr makes clear in this writing piece is that he loses focus very quickly when reading.
Carr felt that the web should make searching things quick and easy. He shows us how the web is set up to make money off of us and how our thought process and abilities to focus are decreasing simultaneously. He ends his disagreement by showing us what we are losing …show more content…

In result, we are getting to be dependent upon it in things such as reading, and writing. This article also guarantees that innovation is a tremendous diversion in our lives. We are using the internet to much, making it impossible to move quicker and faster.
In this article I see some techniques being utilized. He lets us know that he is not the only one who has an issue with staying focus while reading. He claims that many of his friends also have trouble staying focus. Carr does some research and confirms that there is something changing about the way we think. I think his techniques are successful because of the fact that he hits on numerous points, utilizing details and sources to substantiate his claim. He makes me feel as if the future of human learning is in danger.
Carr made me feel frightened for my future. The significance of the internet is increasing. It made me understand that technology is definitely a distraction. The web has made it hard for me to stay centered on the main task at hand sometimes because there are some many things happening at once. With technology taking over, the impact of the human mind will me almost if not be useless. This will give people a reason to stop doing things “manually” so to speak. Now and days it is easy to throw away something that isn't working sufficiently quick, and replace it with something that is speedier and better. Before we know it technology will be the downfall to the human

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