Inequality In Canada

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Heath and Low Socioeconomic Status Class When examining the health status of Canadians, one may not recognize the flaws of inequality. When looked into further is it evident that not all Canadians are on equal playing fields when it comes to access of health. The concept of social determinant of health, taps into the idea that there are social barriers and obstacle in our society that present challenges for certain social groups and their access to health care. One group of Canadians who experience the effects of inequality in our health care system, are those individuals living in lower socioeconomic status. Research has shown that those individuals are the prominent group that use the health care system in Canada. “individuals whose socioeconomic …show more content…

“Under this system, all Canadian residents have reasonable access to medically necessary hospital and physician services without paying out-of-pocket” (Government of Canada, 2016) However, the medical funded system instills equality, but it does not provide equity. Medicare provides Canadians with the same platform for health care opportunities but does not take into full consideration the diverse needs of certain populations within Canada. For some populations such as those living in low socio-economic status, the government provides some extra funding, however, it is not adequate. “in an attempt to reduce such health disparities…Evaluations of these systems have repeatedly demonstrated that they have failed to eliminate socioeconomic differences in health outcomes”(p.382, Godley) Conflict theory digs into and examines the inequalities in regard to the structures of classes. “in conflict theory, all social arrangements… have a political and economic bases and consequences” (p.10, Clarke) It is evident that health care is no stranger to this concept of class structures and the inequalities that are result from it. The government makes all the major decisions and implements the rules in regulations when it comes to health care. While individuals with low socio-economic statuses feel abandoned and suffer from the …show more content…

For those who may not have as large of an income as other Canadians, access to to healthy food can be difficult. Prepackaged and and fast food tend to be more readily available and a cheaper alternative to nutritious options. In turn, the consumption of fast food and prepackaged food can lead to many health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Another area of underlying health contributors is living conditions. Those who are living in low socio-economic status may have living conditions that expose more health risk factors. “A notable example of the link between disparities in indoor environmental exposures and health effects is childhood lead poisoning attributable to deteriorating lead paint and lead-contaminated soil.”(p. 1650, Adamkiewicz, et, al) Lead poising is just one example of indoor living conditions that contribute to heath concerns, others consisting of, exposure to pest allergens, second hand smoke, pesticides and other chemical

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