Examples Of Injustice In Health Care

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There is a common phenomenon in the China that many people treated with inequality and injustice in health care. As as Martin Luther King, Jr.’s saying goes “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane”. From my point of view, i firmly agree with this point in that each individual has equal right to enjoy the suitable health care. It is intolerable for the whole society to make the health care injustice as a seriously public health problem. In this essay, some facts about the injustice will be given. Also, the solutions to deal with these problems will be provided so that this public health problem will be resolved in the future. Paragraph 1: The injustice of health care distribution appears at the following point. First of all, the problem is uneven distribution of health resources in urban and rural areas. Nationally, 80% medical resources are concentrated in cities, only 20% in the countryside, which means 80% of the rural population has only 20% of health resources. The farmers and the poor always are unable to get the sufficient health care. Secondly, the problem is the imbalance of illness 's prevention between medical resources. For a long time, prevention approaches are not well implemented, cure light-proof and lack of government investment in public health and public health system is weak. This situation seriously limited the capacity of service and did not achieve the desired benefits of disease prevention

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