Firehouse Subs Case Study

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Firehouse Subs
In Grand Island there are many different restaurant choices. This city has around 50,550 people living there according to the 2013 census completed by city-data.com. There are amazing some excellent restaurants in Grand Island as well as restaurants some people should try to avoid. Firehouse Subs is one of the restaurants that should be avoided. Firehouse Subs is a chain restaurant that has just opened this last year in Grand Island. Firehouse Subs is open Sunday-Thursday from 10:30am to 9:00pm and Friday-Saturday from 10:30am to 10:00pm. There are many reasons why Firehouse Subs will no longer have my patronage and following are some of the recommendations that I would provide for the restaurant.
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To start off is the definition of a service. A service is “a deed, a performance, an effort” (Fisk, pg. 7). In the current US economy, thereThere are also many different service fields. The service field that is being looked studied at throughout this paper is the travel and hospitality services field. This field includes hotels, restaurants, airlines, and travel agencies (Fisk, pg. 13). Next is the services theater framework. The services theater framework “involves the same elements as a stage production: actors, audience, setting, front stage, backstage, and a performance” (Fisk, pg. 26). These are some of the definitions that are important to know throughout this paper.
First are the reasons why I will no longer patronize Firehouse Subs. There were many different things wrong with the execution of Firehouse Subs. The first reason why I will no longer patronize this business is because of how disorganized the employees were. The second reason is how long the employees took to get our food ready.
The first reason is how Firehouse Subs was completely disorganized. The employees did not have any concept about how to work the cash register. Most of the employees still did not have an idea of what was included within the menu. It was hard to stand in front of the employees and watch them struggle as much as they did. This is the first reason why I will no longer patronize this

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