Starbucks Diversity Case Study

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The organization I work for, Starbucks is highly diversified. In my opinion, Starbucks successfully employs each of the seven diversity components: “authentic leadership commitment, clear organizational communication, inclusive recruitment practices, long-term retention strategies, incorporating diversity into main work of the organization, diversity management metrics, and expansive external relationships” (Cañas, Sondak 2014). With that being said, Starbucks could improve by incorporating diversity into main work of the organization.
One way Starbucks proves their commitment to diversity is authentic by holding a diverse board of directors. Of the seven board members, three are women and one of these women is of an African descent. Aside …show more content…

In response to Trump, one of their most recent goals is to hire 10,000 refugees. Other hiring goals include hiring veterans and military spouses and creating more opportunities for the youth. The fact that, over 43% of U.S are minorities proves the company is dedicated to diverse recruitment.Likewise, Starbucks is committed to retaining their diverse organization. They do this by requiring diversity training when first hired. In this training, they speak about LGBTQ and the use of pronouns. Moreover, Starbucks aids in child adoption and provides maternity and paternity …show more content…

One of the main ways this can be seen is by having a diverse board of directors. According to Starbucks, their “board of directors is now one of the most diverse corporate boards in the country” (Starbucks 2016). However, I feel this is one area where the company could improve. I feel the Starbucks management in my district is not diverse. However, I do know this is one of the goals they are working towards.
Furthermore, the company is efficient at measuring their diversity goals. As proven earlier, the company measures diversity’s impact by the “representative mix on the board of directors” (Cañas, Sondak 2014). However, other ways the company measures their success through satisfaction surveys, the percentage minorities hired and by setting number goals, such as hiring 25,000 veterans and military spouses by 2025.
Finally, Starbucks successfully employed the “expansive external relationships” (Cañas, Sondak 2014). One of the main ways Starbucks embraces diverse relationships is by working with underserved coffee farmers. Starbucks ensures all the farmers they work with are working in healthy conditions and are paid a fair wage. They have helped to improve the lives of thousands of farmers. Besides this, Starbucks supports several communities/organizations such as the LGBTQ

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