Jim Adamson Case Study

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As Jim Adamson, what would your managerial approach be in this sensitive situation? The first thing I would do is tackle Denny 's workforce. I would ensure that the company had a diverse group of employees, from top-management all the way down. The company would also need to ensure that proper diversity training was conducted for everyone. This would help in the relationships with employees, customers and venders. Then, I would advertise that Denny 's has recognized its discrimination issues and is working diligently to correct them. This would let the general public know they are welcome at their restaurants. List key issues for Jim Adamson to address at this point. The two biggest issues that Adamson needs …show more content…

They could ensure all employees are properly trained on diversity and anti-discrimination polices during orientation classes and on a semi-annual basis. Also, the company needs to ensure they are promoting and advancing diverse individuals for all positions in the company. This would show everyone that they committed to improving diversity at the company and their restaurants. How can they manage diversity throughout the organization? As suggested above: training, training, and more training. Diversity in the workplace is always evolving and changing. Organizational leaders and Human Resource departments need to know, understand, and stay up-to-date on all the laws, regulations, and policies concerning diversity in the workplace. Is a strong communication campaign needed to ensure the public of Denny 's commitment to diversity or is a more subtle approach needed? I believe that they do need a strong communication campaign. They need to show the public that new management is in-charge, they have a new corporate culture at Denny 's and that everyone is welcome and will receive equal treatment and service. They could achieve this by sponsoring or running restaurant specials during specific holidays, Hispanic History Month, Black History Month, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month and other such

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