Unit 9 P3

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Customers are the primary priority to all businesses which are making a lot of profit and their aim is to increase making profit, as without them, businesses such as McDonalds, would not be able to make any profit from their services. This is the reason that clients are essentially important in the process of associations interacting with them. McDonald 's guarantees that they keep track of the customers satisfaction as they are making sure that they provide a good customer service to their clients, as it can possibly promt customers into purchasing more products. By doing so, both McDonald 's and their customers are going to be satisfied and happy as the clients are the ones financing into the business and the clients themselves are on the other side, the receiving end, of good quality products. Never the less, if McDonald 's don 't monitor the customer 's satisfaction, the will probably be passing up a great opportunity to built on what their customers ' feedback was …show more content…

Product development is the point of twitch the business introduces new products to an existing market. McDonald 's do this regularly comma must as of late with the McFlurry, as they introduced the overall products as an ice cream, however the introduced the new product buy it having the numbers new flavours. The product is now available on the market as McDonald 's reintroduce it everytime they come up with, and want to establish, a new flavour.
Diversification is when the business decides to introduce new products to a new market. This is the most risky strategy out of all the four strategies of Ansoff 's matrix, as the business is about to bring a totally new product into a completely new market, in which they are uncertain about how successful is their new product going to be and what the response from the new market is, also, going to be. On the other hand, McDonald 's will cover this and work around this by investing a big sum of money into ensuring that any

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