Two Types Of Stakeholder Analysis Of Mcdonalds

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Stakeholder analysis Stakeholder are entity that will affect the organization actions, objectives and policies. There are two types of stakeholder which is internal stakeholder and external stakeholder. The McDonald’s stakeholders are customers, suppliers, employees, managers, government, local communities and pressure groups.

Customers are the external stakeholders of the company, no customer mean zero profit. They are interest in the company and they are very important to the company because they will affect the growth of the company. For example, McDonald’s customers are always interested the new menu, they want to try the latest product offered by the company.
Furthermore, customers are interested in McDonald’s because the company care about the feedback of the customers. For instance, the feedback on the product is negative, the company will remove that product to some others product that will create more customers satisfaction. Their comment will also improve the company management style and the company profit. Customers is one of the most important stakeholders to the company.

Suppliers are the internal stakeholders as they work with McDonald’s. McDonald’s have many different suppliers for their foods and drinks. They get the food ingredients from one supplier and the drinks are from another supplier. McDonald’s has nothing to sell selling if they didn’t have a supplier. The company must make sure the suppliers are cooperation and trustable.

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