Stakeholder Analysis Of Diageo

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Successful companies such as Diageo affect more and more people as their success grows. The more people they affect leads to a bigger impact that their actions have especially over people that have influence over their projects such as their customers and suppliers (Mindtools, 2015). Stakeholder Analysis’ are used to ensure that all the key stakeholders are happy and supportive in order to help you succeed (Mindtools, 2015).
There are three main steps in preparing a Stakeholder Analysis. Step one is to identify all key stakeholders of the company. Step two is to work out their power, interest and influence so you know who to focus more on. Step three is to develop a good understanding of the key stakeholders so you can figure out how to win …show more content…

In order for Diageo to ensure its customers are happy and content they survey them annually to monitor how strong their relationships are and to allow customer feedback (Diageo, 2015). Diageo has worked with its customer to help spread their message of drinking responsibly through consumer contest and magazines in order to have a positive impact on the communities they operate in (Diageo, 2015). Diageo also train their customers on how to do correct age verification inspections and how to encourage recycling within their stores (Diageo, …show more content…

One of their most recent campaigns is their online “Think How You Drink Campaign” (Diageo, 2015). The main objective of this campaign is to ensure young people are educated on how drinking too much can lead to many consequences besides damaging their health, the shame and embarrassment (Diageo, 2015). Diageo hope to reach over one million people throughout Europe (Diageo, 2015). The campaign consists of a video that portrays the aftermath of drinking more than the reasonable amount (Diageo, 2015). This campaign will also feature during fresher’s week when the majority of underage and over drinking occurs (Diageo, 2015). Diageo also have an “Ask Dave” alcohol calculator for people to keep track of how much their drinking (Diageo,

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