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Executive Summary Apple has always surprised the world with its innovation starting from the invention of computer circuit board of Apple I in 1976 to world’s most successful personal computer and electronic device manufacturer. They brought revolutionary changes in user experiences in using personal computers and currently smart devices. The company was always under the supervision of visionary leaders and effective strategies applied by them made the Apple what it is today. The company faced several ups and downs during its operating timeline and remained successful in sustaining their position in the market as a leader. The Harvard Business School Case study of Apple Inc. focuses on the growth and strategic management of the company accordingly.…show more content…
Internal strengths work as the main success factors for an organization. The main strength of the company was its Research and Development section in which it spends almost 9% of its total sales amount. Again the company had very high innovation aggressiveness which led the company to remain in its price differentiation strategy. Moreover the company always had been under the supervision of charismatic leaders which accounted for its strategic success. Lastly, the simple and user friendly premium looking device with uniqueness accounted for the brand loyalty of its…show more content…
Suppliers are one of the most important elements for any business. The power of the suppliers depends on the volume of suppliers existing in the market and the uniqueness of their products or services. Apple outsources micro-chip from Intel for high processing technology. The power of customer depends on the purchasing volume, availability of substitutes, price sensitivity and buyers’ incentives. The consumers of Apple have a flexible variety of product line from its competitors. Apple has strong rivals like Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Microsoft, HTC, Sony, LG, Xaomi etc. The main substitute is defined by the operating system. The Microsoft windows by Microsoft and android by Google can be considered as the substitute of Mac. The electronic market, specifically the smartphone market is emerging day by day, so there is a strong possibility of entrance of new competitors. Threat of business depends on whether the domination or uniqueness of new entrant is going to be high or

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