Mcdonald's Risk And Risk Analysis Of Mcdonalds

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Risk Analysis When it comes to risk every business and person has to deal with it, so as you may guess McDonald’s is not excluded from that list. When you are in the food industry and especially the fast food industry you take on many risks. These would include things like competition, changes in customer preferences, pricing, staying technologically advances, and not losing out on investments. As a huge company like McDonald’s you may think that their risks are minimal, they bring in millions every year, and McDonald’s are always successful and busy, but they too have a long list of risks on their 10-K. After reading through McDonald’s list of risks I want to first say that they are very broad in many of their risks. They state quite obvious and short explanations or certain risks that any company in any industry could use. For example, one risk was, “Supply chain interruptions may increase costs or …show more content…

This is a huge market since the U.S. and the world revolved around convenience. Although McDonald’s is very popular right now you never know if one day it will become a shadow to another company. Next, since there are so many competitors each company is trying to be unique and bring new things to the market. Whether it is McDonald’s McPick 2 or Wendy’s 4 for 4 competitors are trying to out shine each other, making it hard to compete and keep prices down sometimes. With a quick google search I found that there are over 50,000 different fast food chains in the United States alone. When you think internationally it can only be larger. McDonald’s has to be aware of what those competitors are doing at all times to make sure they are up to

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