The Pros And Cons Of Qdoba Mexican Grill

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Another reason why I love Qdoba Mexican Grill is because of the free extras. In the last year Qdoba has made any additional ingredients you want on a burrito free. Qdoba changed their price structure to all-inclusive in which the price only depended on the type of meat you wanted, but included all of the extras that previously required an additional charge, such as guacamole and queso sauce. Being able to have extra queso on your burrito with no extra cost is something that may people enjoy due to the fact that Qdobas queso is so good. This had sparked a lot of interest in college students because we all want free stuff, or more bang of your buck. When Qdoba started having free guacamole I went everyday for two weeks straight. Another reason …show more content…

In which Panera Bread attempted to enact a clause in Panera's contract with the White City Shopping Center in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, they had tried to stop the opening of a Qdoba Mexican Grill. The statement offered that Panera would be the only sandwich shop in the shopping center. Panera had tried to argue that burritos are sandwiches. Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Locke ruled against Panera, stating that, "A sandwich is not commonly understood to include burritos, tacos and quesadillas, which are typically made with a single tortilla and stuffed with a choice filling of meat, rice, and beans." When the lawsuit was over Qdoba had won, but in time the Qdoba had shut down and gone out of …show more content…

Qdoba Mexican Grill is a very well structured company. In this paper we had taken a look at Qdoba’s history and saw how they came to be the company they are today. We also took a look their stock and saw how they are doing in the stock market and are the main provider for Jack In The Box. I talked about what its like to own a franchise, and showed you how much it cost to be an owner of Qdoba Mexican Grill. I explained why I always choose Qdoba over Chipotle, and that there isn’t too much of a difference between the two. For a brief time I talked about why I love to go there. Qdoba has done very well as a company and has many people who love their food. I hope that this has taught you a little bit more about Qdoba and why I believe it’s a great

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