Chipotle Core Competencies

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Chipotle does have some core competencies. They have five to be exact. The first one is serving a focused menu of burritos, tacos, burrito bowls, and salads. The second one is using high-quality raw ingredients and classic cooking methods to create great-tasting, reasonably price dishes that were ready to be served to customers minutes after they were ordered. The third one is creating an operationally efficient restaurant with an aesthetically pleasing and distinctive interior setting. The fourth one is having friendly people take care of each customer. Lastly doing all of these with increasing awareness and respect for the environment, the use of organically grown fresh produce, and meats raised in a humane manner without hormones and antibiotics. The biggest strength Chipotle has is that its product is customizable. They have a kind of assembly line the customer can walk down and choose what …show more content…

It is laid out in a specific way that when you enter you follow the line to the counter and order from a cafeteria or assembly like line. Another primary component of theirs is their product selection. They make every order on how the customer tells them to while they are preparing it. A couple of other primary components of Chipotle are advertising, and customer service. Some of their secondary components include site selection, and hiring. Chipotle 's chief components of its strategy are to have customers customize their own orders quickly, use high quality ingredients, and have nice employees. Chipotle and Moe 's are very similar and do pretty much have all the same techniques, so their differences are very minute. Some of those differences between Chipotle and Moe 's are that Chipotle does not sell desert or give out chips and salsa with every meal, where Moes ' Southwest Grill doe. Also, Moe 's Southwest Grill also has 6 options for meals whereas Chipotle only has 4

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