Comparison Of Chipotle And Casa Nueva

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Restaurants come in many shapes and sizes. Some are large or worldwide and some are local. Each eating establishment has there own since of environment, people and food. The way all of these dots connect together effects what customers come and how they act within the space physically and mentally. Chipotle is a large Mexican food chain and Casa Nueva is a local Mexican restaurant. These two different places have different environments, seating style and customers. Reasons why the two restaurants are different can be show through the compare and contracts method after seeking out what each restaurant environment is like.

The first thing a person sees walking into Chipotle on Court Street is the counter at the end with all of the food on it. …show more content…

The costumer meets their waiter while receiving a glass of water and a menu. Once the customers decide on what to eat and the waiter comes the customers can order their food varying from recipes already known or a make your own choice item. While waiting for the food to arrive the customers can look at the various colorful artworks on the walls that are for sale. Once the food has arrived from the servers, the customers can eat temporary pausing their conversations for the food. Many people end up talking about the food while eating it. A waiter will come around and hand the check to the customers shortly after they ask them if they want …show more content…

Chipotle has the overall fast food feel. Most customers arrive then promptly leave after receiving their food. The menu is on the wall and even the artwork is about food. The biggest difference is how it is set up in general but anyone that walks in can see they are clearly different. The artwork on the wall is what creates the overall feel from the background. The artwork in Chipotle are of images of their food. They include a filled burrito and a fresh bowl with sour cream on the top. With the customers walking straight by these images mostly without even noticing it makes the customer hungry in their subconscious mind. This can make the customer want to leave right away to eat. It can also make them want to eat more making them spend more money in the end. Comparing Chipotle’s artwork to the artwork in Casa Nueva, Casa Nueva’s artwork is colorful and for sale. Casa Nueva’s artwork makes the environment feel like home and friendly. The artwork is locally made and for sale for anyone who wants to buy it. It does not make the customer feel hungrier or like they need to eat and leave. It can make the customers stay longer and have more conversations even after the bill is

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