Dunville's Value Chain Analysis

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Nashville! Nashville! Come get your Pizza? In the heart of downtown Nashville, Tennessee, 312 Pizza Company has made a name for itself through the replication of true deep dish Chicago pizza. Although Nashville is known for its traditional hot chicken, hockey, and country music, the windy city still has some say in Nashville’s food industry. 312 Pizza Company brings a Chicago feel to its menu through its image and name. The rhetoric of the menu at 312 Pizza Company is meant to establish a Chicago experience, as well as bringing an authentic meal to another city. A menu’s organization is everything to the businesses success. 312 Pizza Company has a solid organizational structure so that all of the items offered can be seen. The organization …show more content…

The menu at 312 Pizza Company creates a very positive experience for customers, and shows the business’s philosophy towards the experience. When seated at 312 Pizza Company the menu comes in a nice clear plastic sleeve with a black bind. The menu is in a smaller shape of a rectangle, and has a thick paper material. On the front of the menu you will see a brick wall with the logo 312 Pizza Company, along with a faded image of the streets of Chicago. The logo is significant in creating a Chicago feel as the numbers 312 is the area code of Chicago. Along with on the back it tells the story of 312 Pizza Company. One of the key pieces in the story that shows the businesses philosophy is, “Every detail of our food and our restaurant comes from a combined 200 years of Chicago living, eating, drinking, and snow shoveling.” This statement in the story of 312 Pizza Company guarantees a Chicago experience and provides the authentic pizza of Chicago. After opening the menu, a interesting thing that stands out is the meals are named after places in Chicago. For example, 312 Pizza Company offers a sandwich called “35th Street Italian.” The menu at 312 Pizza Company continues to offer the Chicago experience, especially with the items on the …show more content…

312 Pizza Company maintains the menus to make sure they do not look damaged. As well as, the way the items on the menu are organized help create a positive meal experience. With the organization of the menu not only does it sell the food, but it sells the experience along with it. 312 Pizza Company expresses that with every dish, the culture of Chicago food will be found throughout. Found in the story on the menu the owners said, “We spent many nights testing recipes until we found one that reminded us of “our Chicago” (312 Pizza Company). The menu offers authentic Chicago dishes and the owner has spent time into making sure the customers has a true Chicago experience as

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