312 Pizza Company Rhetorical Analysis

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Nashville! Nashville! Come get your Pizza? In the heart of downtown Nashville, Tennessee, 312 Pizza Company has made a name for itself through the replication of true deep dish Chicago pizza. Although Nashville is known for its traditional hot chicken, hockey, and country music, the windy city still has some say in Nashville’s food industry. 312 Pizza Company brings a Chicago feel to its menu through its image and name. The rhetoric of the menu at 312 Pizza Company is meant to establish a Chicago experience, as well as bringing an authentic meal to another city. A menu’s organization is everything to the businesses success. 312 Pizza Company has a solid organizational structure so that all of the items offered can be seen. The organization is structurally sound following the traditional course order. The headings are block lettering in bold, placed on top of a faded wood background. The menu has the same blocked lettering in a slightly smaller size, however it is still easy to read. As well as a dotted line leading to the prices so there is no confusion. While the descriptions on the menu list the ingredients in the meal. The background of the menu has multiple pictures in different colors of historic Chicago, in attempt to show the culture and growth to the city. The menu at 312 Pizza Company helps receive a different variety of customers, however the main audience found is people from Chicago living in Nashville. 312 Pizza Company uses its menu to blend two

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