Chipotle Persuasive Speech

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Hey have you heard about this new style in fast food dining? You must try it, the concept is so amazing I don’t know why no one has done it before. I can’t go into any real detail about it, it’s apparently their corporate secret, but what I can say is this their food is so delicious I mean I don’t know what they put into it. But even the local wildlife stops in for a bite and you know that they can be some picky eaters. I mean I’ve see cute little mice, and some exotic cockroaches all enjoying the dining experience. But I did find out that a local food inspector wasn’t too happy about this new concept. I mean really?? They’re always spoiling something new. Ok enough of this crazy talk, but can you believe this? That the popular fast food chain Chipotle actual had this sort of thing going on. The “fake” chipotle commercial however was funny and at the same time very disturbing. The …show more content…

After seeing that commercial I wonder what if my pet was exposed to such tidbits, how would it affect her? First and foremost I can see her having a really bad upset stomach that would also bring about some diarrhea, with occasional vomiting. Substances coming out of both ends. So you know she would be greatly dehydrated and would feel equal miserable. But I’m sure after a trip to the vet and probably a couple of days of hospitalization she will be just fine. As far as the question of “are there any Chipotle food items that are toxic to cats and dogs?” my response is a resounding YES, E Coli, Norovirus & Salmonella, those are all toxic to humans and well even though cats and dogs have four legs and fur their internal organs and ours are made up pretty much the same way. Besides their food items are not bland they are heavily seasoned, and will lead to an upset stomach and an unhappy

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