Rhetorical Analysis Of A Infomercial

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In the “Squatty Potty” infomercial, the ad makers are trying to convince the audience to buy their product by explaining to them how using it helps prevent health problems. In the beginning of the ad the prince shows us how the unicorn is going to teach us how to use the squatty potty and how the squatty potty is going to give us the poop of our lives. The ad makers carefully crafted logos and ethos appeals to give reasons and knowledge for their audience to buy their product. They also used humor and comic to make the audience watch and feel more comfortable thinking about the proses of pooping. The first thing the ad makers used to attract their audience is using pathos appeals through comedy. The comedy in the infomercial is what made the ad funny and comfortable to watch rather than disgusting and uncomfortable. The ad makers brought a guy dressed as a prince and a unicorn that is popping ice cream to explain to use how the squatty potty benefits the audience and how it is used. They show their audience how squatty potty helps the unicorn poop soft and smooth ice cream instead of rocky road. The humorous in this infomercial made …show more content…

The prince in the video gives his audience some logical evidence how squatty potty helps them poop such as; “sitting at this angle can cause hemorrhoids, bloating, constipation, and a butt load of other crap,” (1) that means if you sit at the wrong angle while pooping it could create more than one problem. But the squatty potty provides the right angle for pooping, which does not create any problems. The prince also talked about how “with the squatty potty you get complete elimination,” (1) and how pooping while using “The Squatty Potty” makes it twice as fast. I believe these evidences were enough to convince the audience, but the prince wanted to give

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