A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Allstate Insurance

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This rhetorical analysis paper will be about Allstate insurance. Allstate insurance has a very popular advertising figure named mayhem. He is known for creating havoc on everyday people by portraying himself as unlikely objects that would cause trouble, while maintaining a confident swagger about himself. Mayhem is known to be very funny, which can be seen in the commercial that was chosen for this paper. All of the commercials involving him often end with someone saying “Mayhem is everywhere.” This commercial is about allstate insurance and their popular advertising figure, mayhem. The commercial starts out with mayhem portraying himself as the spring breeze. He goes on about himself, mentioning that poets write about him, and that he has …show more content…

It is a very light feeling of intimidation. The consumer can feel this when they see mayhem portraying himself as the spring breeze. They know that he is mayhem and that something bad is getting ready to happen. This creates suspense and creates interest in what Allstate is advertising. Another reason why the rhetorical strategy is funny fear is that there is tragedy involved. The tragedy within the commercial creates fear within the viewer. The tragedy that occurs in the commercial is that the spring breeze, or mayhem, blew paper towels into a burning stove eye, catching part of the house on fire. This makes the viewer want to consume their product, which is insurance. Tragedy not only creates fear within a consumer, but this kind of tragedy can create good humor. Another reason that the commercials main rhetorical strategy is funny fear is that the commercial is funny. There are many things about this commercial that make it funny. It starts out as a man portraying himself as the spring breeze, which is very different and unique. Then he blows paper towels into a burning stove eye. What are the chances of that happening in real life? This kind of tragedy makes people laugh and that is one way this commercial captures the attention of the

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