Artichoke Dip History

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Customers are craving to try one-of-a-kind food from a special restaurant, located in the beautiful town of Boca Raton. There is an extravagant Southern California, motif vibe with wood and brick interior and gas lanterns hanging from the ceiling. There is a lit vivid candle on the table while sitting on the luscious red leather booths. Waiters are wearing white collard shirts with black pants, a tie, and fancy steakhouse aprons. This restaurant might be packed with hungry people, but the conversation of many crowds can still be heard. Houston’s spinach and artichoke dip, French dip au jus, and key lime pie are perfect for family dinners or just for special occasions. The creamy spinach and artichoke dip is a perfect appetizer. The amount of chips was more then enough. The tortilla chips are very fresh with the perfect amount of salt. The phenomenal dip is warm with stringy, melted cheese on the top. Mixing the sour …show more content…

The dish has a gorgeous presentation with parsley, shoestring fries, and a fantastic au jus sauce. The finely sliced tender meat had added a burst of flavor to the meal. The French dip is the best in town. The French fries add onto the delicious French dip au jus. The horseradish sauce was the perfect accompany to the succulent meat. This entrée is the finest meal to go with the superb dessert. Key lime pie is the splendid dessert, right after you have a juicy French dip. A bountiful, piquant slice of Key Lime Pie was impeccable with homemade whipped cream and a crumbly graham cracker crust. The pie was very tasty and saccharine. The whipped cream and graham cracker crust balances the tartness of the key lime pie. To end the foolproof meal, the key lime pie was the most scrumptious treat at Houston’s. The place is perfect for families of all ages. The food here will always please the taste buds in many mouths. Every time people come the food keeps getting better and

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