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ANTH150 Mini Essay 2: Fieldwork Observation Word Count: 734 I conducted my ethnographic observations over the course of a few days. During my fieldwork observation, I recorded observations of customer behaviour, the general layout of the restaurant, culture significance, and décor. Siam Corner is located in Rouse Hill on Resolution Place. While entering, you can immediately feel the intimate environment of the restaurant and sense the sudden shift from the streets of Sydney to a Thai restaurant. It is viewed as an upscale restaurant with excellent service. It is open during lunch and dinner hours. Inside, there are many tables that sit around the restaurant and are covered in white tablecloth and has flowers placed in a clear vase. The walls are bright coloured that create a vibrant mood as people enjoy their meals with an almost inaudible music. To determine what kind of customers patronise this restaurant, I conducted this fieldwork at different times of the day. I found that majority of the customers were middle- aged people as oppose to teenagers or elderly people. There was a combination of men and women, young couples that appeared to be on dates. This could explain the fancy flowers and breakable glass décor. As I browsed the menu, I spotted certain dishes that clearly signalled a Thai ethnic group such as Pad Thai, Thai salad and a wide range of Thai curries. Furthermore, the employees are all of Thai ethnic descent, rendering the restaurant and the food even

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