Literature Review On Gender Roles

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This article, “Gender Development Research in Sex Roles: Historical Trends and Future Directions” was written in a 2011 on NCBI, which points towards how the gender roles are different and how the society views them. This text includes the study of gender development, sex roles and trends over the past 35 years. Today gender roles, especially in the United States, are different from what they were in the past. But there are still many differences in roles of sex in many places around the world where women are considered less than men. They are not allowed to go out without a man going along. They are not allowed to continue their education because many still feel that women are meant to do the housework and take care of their children while …show more content…

This text is basically a study of gender role differences, how the society views them and what factors lead them to the growth of their gender within them. Additionally, an example of ethos in this text is that there is more than one author/contributor of this text, who are all professors of human development, social and family dynamics at different colleges, with the same perspective of gender differences, in which they clearly accomplished in explaining this to the audience. And it was important too for them to explain, as many people are still living in the world of differentiation. And to take those kinds of people of people we will have to explain them the way the way this text is written. Next, the time when this article was written, gender roles were almost the same as they are now. This text was written to the people of America about how and why gender roles differ. It has been debating and will be debated until the society stops to be discriminant towards the women of the world. Not only gender difference is being debated, there have been many events that take place all around the world every single …show more content…

And they start to prepare its arrival depending on which sex the baby is. The article questions the audience, “Does knowing all this makes a difference on how the parents treat the child?” Scientists are concerned about when and how do the children start to act according to their gender. The late 1960’s to 1970’s had been a turning point for the gender identification. For example, during this time period, women got the right to go out and work. The article states that, “Chronologically, another important contribution was Maccoby and Jacklin’s (1974) book, The Psychology of Sex Differences. This book presented an unparalleled synthesis of research findings on gender differences in development” (para. 9). It highlights that within-gender differences are often larger than those between the genders (a point still lost in many of the popularized beliefs held today) (Para. 9). This quote explains that the way a girl or a boy looks at the opposite gender, may not be the way the opposite gender looks at itself. It is not always what you think. Due to this reason, the book was challenging for them as it presented the idea about how the genders are different, without having any idea about how the people would react on it after having it read, as during that time a girl’s personality was the same in everyone’s views. The text further

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