Asam 320 Female Roles In Society Research Paper

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Minjin Kim Richard Jong ASAM 320 March 29, 2015 Female Roles in Society Men and women are by no means same. They both have certain gender roles that the other can’t duplicate. It does not mean that one side is better than the other; therefore, people should treat both men and women equally. Even though people can observe that women’s education allow women to live a better life, and more and more women succeeding in their life, some culture still defines women’s role unequal. Throughout the history, women play an important role in our society. For instance, several times in my life I have heard that how important women are, especially the mother. They not only look after their family, but they also work in their career. According to “Khmer …show more content…

According to “Khmer Girls in Action,” Khmer Girls in Action is the organization as hope for girls. This organization has been successful in developing in leadership of Southeast Asian who have issues of immigrants and refugee rights (189). They believe that the leadership of Southeast Asian girls and women can change our society. Tiffany Min, the member of Khmer Girls in Action states on her poem “Women,” “That we are strong, strong enough to take care of ourselves, and big enough to rule our lives…” (qtd. in Khmer in Action, 190). Through this poem, she tries to emphasize that women are strong enough to survive by their self, without the help from men. She also mentions that women are strong enough to rule their lives. The word “rule” does not mean that …show more content…

However, according to my experience, women are still arguing to be treated and defined as equal as men. For example, even though men and women work for the same tasks in the same position, sometime women get less money than the men. It is for sure that women should not limited to do whatever they want to do, regardless of the men’s dominance. Therefore, there are many people who trying to make them fair. Khmer in Action and the female poets are the great example who works for women who can create the new world and be the leader of the new world. While I read those two journals, “Khmer Girls in Action” and “Poetry within Earshot: notes on an Asian American generation,” I also encouraged and got confidence by their poems. It will be great if there are more organization like Khmer Girls in Action and poets like Tiffany Min and Kitty

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