Role Of Women In Society Essay

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Introduction: This paper will discuss about the role of woman in the society, what problems are facing by the women, the status of woman in Islam, woman education, benefits of the woman education these are the which are going to be discussed in the depth. Topic related to woman can easily be discussed in the length because there are many countries in the world which are facing problems related to woman. However, it also shed some light on the topic of woman and rural development. The objectives and responsibilities also will be covered, as well as the ethical obligations. By this paper many things will be covered related to woman and her problems and issues. And the problems cannot be resolved without sticking to this topic. And it may even …show more content…

She can lead armies like Razia Sultana, Chand Bibi and Rani of Jhansi. She can be a great politician and statesman like Bundra-Naike . She can be a great scientist, a great mathematician, a great orator and a great leader. Her sex is no bar in becoming great and doing extra ordinary things in life. Given proper education and training, a woman can play a great part in the development of our country. At present, they are working side by side with men in offices, laboratories, factories and research projects. They are efficient teachers in schools, colleges and Universities, efficient pleaders in courts and efficient executives. It was a woman who was at the helm of affairs of our country before Nawaz Shareef and has proven herself a great orator and a great administrator. She had all the qualities of statesmanship in her. To be true we have not given women ample opportunities to develop their in born qualities. If given education, opportunities and facilities, a woman can become a Newton, or Einstein in our country. In our country she performs double role. Besides competing with men outside home in every field, she is still a good house wife an able mother and a dutiful wife. Can man compete

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