Target Swot Analysis

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Knowledge Employees and Good Customers Strength
Target, is one of the third largest retail brands existing in United Stated, their corporation has more than 2 million fans in their official social media such as Facebook, Twitter, this engagement in social media making them become one of the fast growth retail brand in social media, according to the tracking their customer from media. However, to maintain a high level of social media integration has occur some low quality flood pages. Target has maintain the qualified of engagement in social media for a long times, their fans and like are increasing from year to year.
The president and CEO of TimeTrade, which is Gary Ambrosino has stated why Target corporation are able to stand out …show more content…

Above has mentioned that the increasingly of the followers in their official pages such as Facebook has frequently update the content and latest product to potential customers. Target are attempt to expertise tools and applications that not only facilitate interaction among online friend-networks, but also wish to transfer these particular groups into a new opportunities for retail transactions, such as enter Target’s “Give With Friends” Facebook app, has newly launched. The easy to use app allows Facebook friends to pool their resources and give a gift card to other lucky friends. It was just a simple perception that has merged the social priorities of Facebook with an obvious retail benefit for Target.
The benefit for those employees is the significant parts to have the good employees to retain the firm and present a good work and to contribute the innovative, creative, effectively and efficiency task. The Target has believed that giving sufficient benefit to employees able to increase their capability. Thus increase their corporation funds and profits.
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This discount is actually attractiveness of 10% discount by shopping in the shop. It included groceries at SuperTarget and shopping through online website Besides that, Target also offers the discount to eligible family members and domestic partner can enjoy this advantages. Target also benevolent to offer Wellness Discount gives team members an additional 20% off fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. This ongoing discount will automatically be applied when the Team Member to use this benefits those employees require identified the discount card to be scanned at

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