Disadvantages Of Job Redesign

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Question - How might a manager redesign the job of a person who delivers newspapers to raise levels of the core job dimensions identified by the job characteristics model?


Redisgning of job includes taks, responsibilties and duties of a job so as to make it more encouraging and inspiring for the employees and workers.
Advantages of Job Redesign
 Enhances the Quality of Work- Job redesigning motivates the employees and enhances the quality of work . It increases their on-the-job productivity and encourages them to perform better.
 Increases Productivity: Redesigning their job functions and duties makes employees much comfortable and adds to their satisfaction level. The unambiguous job responsibilities and tasks motivate them to work harder and give best output. Not only this, it also results in increased productivity of an organization.
 Brings Belongingness in Employees: Redesigning job and allowing employees to do what they are good at creates belongingness in them for the organization. It is an effective strategy to retain talent in the organization and encouraging them to carry out their responsibilities in a better fashion.
 Right person for right job : Job Redesigning helps in creating a right person-job fit while harnessing the full potential of employees. It helps organization as well as employees in achieving their targets or goals.

The job characteristics model designed by Hackman and Oldham which is based on the idea that the task

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