Refutation And Conclusion Of Job Rotation

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Chlord Joseth Villanueva Gerard P. Digal Paula Victoria Latoja
Refutation and Conclusion
After careful examination on the two sides of the topic, we are now to weigh-in their differences as to where we are supposed to look at. We have reviewed that Job Rotation poses a lot of benefits, but still, we are now aware that this strategy does not work at all times because of its effects to certain employees. First, it shifts employees frequently, every now and then.
Actually, it just depends on the companies how frequently they shift their employees. However, there are companies that shuffle them frequently so, now that we know that this is done by some companies, doesn’t this make the employee understand how things work out in the organization …show more content…

Employers should look at their entire benefits offering to help them improve wellbeing and keep their best people." Most companies want their best people around. Also, companies CARE for their employees and it is their joy to cultivate and keep their BEST people into better people. In order to show their care, they apply job rotation to keep their best people from being bored from monotonous work, and improve them as they are granted understanding on how the company works. Lastly, Job Rotations give stresses to employees due to gradual shifting, employees are happy to their current job, or it might be they are always in the pursuit of new knowledge to be applied to their shifted job (in which, they are going to do again in a short while after being rotated again). These unnecessary stresses are always observable to employees that are uninformed. How come there are people who are taking advantage of it? Moreover, if employees just take it as they are instructed to do, and incorporate their past knowledge and experience to the process, things will be easier to take. They should take it as an advantage …show more content…

They may want that new experience in order for them to grow, or to find better jobs, or as a preparation for promotions. This fault as a negative is a fault on how some people think.
After all of these, Job Rotation programs that are aimed for the improvement of all employees to reduce boredom, increase knowledge and experience could still be difficult to unaware, under-informed, and unprepared employees and will become a problem for them if they aren’t educated for their own good. Job rotation is overall a good thing for employees however, if this is the only problem, then companies should do seminars, orientations and programs that helps their employees get the idea, get informed and stop their conventional thinking about things.
Reducing boredom, increasing work experience, cultivating job knowledge and exercising more theories learned from college to work are indeed things that job

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