Essay On The Importance Of Respect

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The belief of respect is important that managers, supervisors, employees at the organization also reflect organization’s culture and manner. I realized that respect others is an effective way to improve my own quality and it requires me to respect others’ achievement and custom. Therefore, respect is my basic quality and I have to be patient with each employee although I am a leader in the future career. 4.2 Examining Political, Cultural and Social Realities Power is defined as a capacity that the behavior of A has to be affected and act according to B’s wishes (Robbins et al., 2010). Politics and power have a close relationship, “Politics: power in action” (Robbins et al., 2010, p251). Due to the resources of company is limited, the rights and resources of the company are hierarchical, which means that the higher level of member has the more power and the more available resources. The situation facilitate me to focus on learn real estate knowledge and do planning tasks without …show more content…

There are some recommendations for Whole Course and Work Integrated Learning program. First, school needs to arrange the professional teachers to communication with enterprise. The important task of teachers is to know about the requirement of professional skills, and to think about how to introduce social practice in the classroom. Secondly, the student intern should be divided into at least two stages include investigation and practice. In this case, students experience the atmosphere of the work and familiar with the business environment, so that they understand the requirements of the employee, and it is beneficial to find own ability and the gap between the enterprise and the school. Students have a better understanding of the future work environment, in order to determine their learning goals and

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