What Does Honor First Mean To Me Essay

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What “Honor First” Means to Me “Honor first” is a phrase that means something different to everyone that uses it. People draw their meaning of the words from their own personal experiences of the world. The meaning I give it comes from the people around me. To me, it means holding yourself to high standards of honesty, integrity, and empathy. It’s putting the needs of others above yourself for the good of your community and country. By watching my loved ones, I have learned that it is not only an important phrase to people in authority, like the Border Patrol, but everyone. When I look at the important people in my life who have made a difference not only to me, but others, they follow these standards of honor. My grandfather is one of the most honest people I have ever met, and it has gotten him far in life. He is respected by everyone around him because of his willingness to tell the truth and take responsibility for the things he does. In his career there have been many to comment on his trustworthiness, and how it makes the people he works with want to work harder. His…show more content…
Many people take this trait for granted, or do not believe in its importance. However, I argue that there is no greater or more honorable thing than being empathetic to others, and going out of your way to help them. There are a great many people in this world struggling to survive, and it should be a priority and responsibility to treat these people with kindness. When we ignore other’s strife in favor of our own feelings, we let those around us down. Even people in positions like the Border Patrol, who deal with people of many different backgrounds, can forget to look at humanity behind their jobs. It is my belief that if more people took the time to understand and feel for others, all the ideas involved in “honor first” would be much easier to
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