Honor In Hamlet Essay

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Honor is a word that is found from a long time ago, to be honor to someone, or be the honor itself. The honor is achieved by a person through his lifetime, and it’s something all of us humans trying to find, so we could discover the true meaning of our life. People go through struggles and misfortune in their life, to find that trait. From a story to another you are going to realize, how the characters are trying not to lose what they have. It is a motive to let you achieve the impossible, not even death would stop you from gaining your honor. In the play Hamlet, we find that Hamlet meets with his father’s ghost, and about his father murder by the hands of blood related brother, Hamlet takes a decision, to revenge and restore the glory back …show more content…

Hamlet had no other thoughts in this matter, he chose to act as a crazy mad person and lose his honor and certainty from those who were around him to gain his dad’s name back and so the Old Hamlet kind would rest in peace. Hamlet know he will go through not an easy bath, which by that lead him to hastition in his decision, he still toke on the role of a mad person but not sure what to do, even though he know who did it, Hamlet was not certain that losing his honor which lead to losing the trust of many who were around, including his lover Ophelia. Hamlet goes back and forth, how about my honor, and my mom’s honor that has been lost from the time she thought of marrying, her husband’s brother. The action which have token at this point was i am going to bring her honor so that I could be able to start the revange. The struggle that hamlet went through is all because he knew and understand the meaning of an honorable king and hero been betrayed and killed by the person who spend the life with. Hamlet understands that the king now has no shame no guilt and feeling, living with the word honor written by a green pored marker, and when Hamlet understood this he have never called him by the name of a king again. He sees no right for him to be honoured even if he married his own

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