The Crucible Integrity Quotes

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The Crucible
“Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain” (Integrity). This quote describes that people who have integrity are honest and not selfish. They know what the consequences are but still commit to their values. Those who choose to have integrity make them inherently good people, in The Crucible, because their actions reveal their true character. In The Crucible, integrity circulates throughout the book, whereas some submit to and others who do not. Those who do not choose to have integrity have low moral standards. Those who do have integrity have self-respect for themselves and honor their beliefs. In The Crucible, integrity challenges characters to make the right decision, which ultimately results in …show more content…

This antagonist’s actions reveal her lack of integrity by not having any personal values, but rather trying to get personal gain from the result of her actions. Parris mentions, “Excellency, I think they be aboard a ship. (Danforth stands agape.) My daughter tells me how she heard them speaking of ships last week, and tonight I discover my- my strongbox is broken into” (529). This quote tells the reader that Abigail has stolen money from her uncle and ran away to aboard a ship to avoid getting involved with the situation and perhaps getting in trouble by the court. She has previously accused many people of being witches. She has put herself into situations where she would rather blame some other person, just to protect her own being. This is a perfect example of acting without integrity. All she wants is personal gain and she got it by stealing and getting others in trouble. Abigail showed she has low moral standards. Given these points, acting in a manner with integrity is to be honest, caring for own reputation, and not neglecting your current issues. It also means being mature and dealing with life’s

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