El Paso Diversity Essay

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The richness of El Paso, Texas relies on the vast diversity observed in each one of its citizens, which has opened the way for El Paso to develop as a multicultural city. Emigration has been one of the main factors that has diversified El Paso’s cultural background, citizens from all over the world have landed a foot over American territory and have made it theirs, several nationalities, several races, one community, one El Paso. Emigration has also caused the expansion of a plethora of traditions across the area, which has made El Paso’s culture an indispensable resource of the state of Texas. A diverse country, state or city is the one that values the difference in people and therefore recognizes that people with different backgrounds, …show more content…

Such descriptions as democrats or republicans divided into certain areas of El Paso compose the diversity over political beliefs, thus expanding a multicultural area by taking many other opinions into consideration. Education also divides people into certain groups, not segregating them, but rather classifying them into more groups that add up into more diverse and complex organizations. Education is a good factor when talking about diversity because it directly affects the citizens’ lives and relates to whom they are and what they do. Norms and values aggregate to the list of one of the many factors that cause cultural diversity in El Paso. Every known civilization has always relied on its norms and values to make progress because of a meticulous organization that keeps peace and union within the borders of each nation, state or city. Sexual preferences may be seen as one of the factors included within diversity, because they make every citizen of El Paso able to choose what they want for themselves, and what their true identity is. Overall by being able to accept the many differences across the city, El Paso has grown as a city that provides with several

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