Essay On Elie Wiesel's Night

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I do not know much about my ancestors; I can only assume they come from Germany and they came a long time ago because my great-great grandparents were from America. The only home I have ever known is America. America is a country that takes the good and the bad and rolls with it, especially in the little circle of America that I live in. Bonfires, county picnics, fried-chicken, and farms associate themselves with the “American Way”; however, American culture and life go far beyond what many may at first perceive. What else could you expect from a “free” nation other than a place of freedom to express and believe whatever you want. A place filled with difference and diversity around every corner has become the identity of America. A home of immigrants; a place of culture mixing with culture and color mixing with color; anything can and will happen here. Sometimes, my little town may appear to lack culture and color, but it does not lack pride. Here flags fly high on almost every block, and the “‘Merica” themed dress-up days have the most participation amongst students in school. Everybody has at least …show more content…

In this book, there is a quote that reads, “Annihilate an entire people?... By what means? In the middle of the twentieth century!” This quote refers to the destruction of the Jewish people by Germany in World War II. This quote may seem unrelated to Americanism, but I believe just the contrary. Let me explain: Today, America faces turmoil daily on topics relating to race, religion, gender, and so on. If somebody were to ask me, “What would you do to promote Americanism?” I would answer with two very simple words- share love. Hate seems to have overtaken this entire nation quickly and, suddenly, the pride of being an American has lost value. People feel embarrassed to associate with a country so full of hate, a country that should be known for tolerance, but instead has become known for hate and “race

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