Latino Culture In Texas

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Since the dawn of time Texas has been a revolutionary place where many cultures manifested and changed. Latino Culture has obviously been a major influence on Texas overall, this can be taken from the name itself and other things. Not only does “Texas” derive from spanish origin, but the progress of Latin culture into America and the civil rights movement has gone a long way and truly made a foundation for Texas since the 1500s . The majority of latinos in Texas can trace their ancestry to the racial mixture that happened after the conquest of Mexico by Spain near the 1520s. When this happened there was a major increase of population due to the fact that many spanish males mixed with Indian females, beginning the mestizo race. Following this…show more content…
While there was many Mexican settlements in Texas especially and the majority of the population was Latin, it was not until 1710 when they claimed it. At this time the civil rights of Mexicans or Latinos was considered normal due to the fact that the majority in Texas were Latino. However there was a discrimination between the creoles and and Mestizos. It was around this time and point that while they were not as discriminated and treated pretty well by the civil rights of Texas that their was internal issues. Also taking the fact that Texas was a part of Spain it is quite simple to imagine that the civil rights were pretty swell for them. Needless to say civil rights in Texas at the time was not as harsh as one may have thought so, although there was issues with race as well with problems with the surrounding Latino population and the rejection of the citizens opinion on being apart of the United States. Another crucial moment in the Latino civil rights and Texas was the battle of them Alamo and how Texas became independent. Following that brief time period of ease the tensions between Latino civil rights and America became an entirely different thing. Not only…show more content…
Immigrants have become a relevant topic as well with racism and unfair treatment, but even so things have begun being more pessimistic, and the overall feeling is not extremely focused on Latinos, but everyone as a whole. Texas government and history have deep roots with the spanish and while many people see this in the cities, and the culture that is predominantly hispanic there are still issues that come up daily. Nonetheless the progress that has been achieved is commendable, and Latinos have truly gone a long way despite that things still could be better. The heritage and lifestyle is still troubled by leaders and everyday racism, but those are things that are slowly changing as unions and people group up together. Just like Texas was once in possession of the Spanish the roots go deep in this

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