Why Texas Is Our Future Analysis

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In, Why Texas is Our Future, author and libertarian economist, Tyler Cowen, brings about reasons as to why the state of Texas is the future of the nation. In addition, he discusses how Texas could bring a prosperous future to those individuals who are residing in Texas or are thinking about moving to the state. Due to the fact that many individuals from around the world have migrated and inhabited the state of Texas, Cowen has made conclusions as to why this is happening. Some of the reasons the Lone Star State is being thought of as the future of the nation, are due to its affordable cost of living, as well as its middle-class squeeze. In the article, Cowen informs the readers of how important and beneficial it is to make living conditions affordable. The term living conditions does not necessarily mean housing, but living conditions in general across America. Out of many states, Texas can be considered one of the most inexpensive, therefore, many …show more content…

There is an abundance of jobs that exist in the state, that are offered to those who reside in it. According to the article, Texas has added 274,700 jobs in the last twelve months, which is about twelve percent nationwide. In addition, Texas has created jobs for the vital-middle income workers, and has seen substantial growth in both lower-middle income and upper-middle income jobs, which resulted in Texas creating nearly one-third of the country’s highest paying jobs. Given these points, the article Why Texas is our Future, emphasizes the many reasons of why the state of Texas is capable of providing a prosperous future for its inhabitants, as well as those who intend on residing in the state. Author Tyler Cowen helps the reader understand his reasoning by providing points such as affordable living conditions, including housing and land, as well as the many job opportunities one can

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