Business Level 3 Unit 7 M1

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The first performance change I am going to talk about is the improvement and impact of upgrading from windows XP to windows 7. There are huge improvement windows seven could compare to XP. Windows XP was released in 2001 it was designed to running on 300MHz Pentium II CPUs with a mere 128MB of RAM which is not enough for the modern computer. Windows 7 could reduce the boot times, faster files transfer, more secure and DirectX 11 support. These features will benefit the user or an organisation by allowing them using a faster and efficient system. Reduce the boot time the user will be able completing the work quicker. Faster transfer keep up the work progress for example staff could get the information they need on time. Security is one of the errors as Microsoft is not delivery any security update …show more content…

Web sites use rotating banners, Flash and Shockwave animation, streaming audio and other plug-ins as dazzling effects to entice visitors. A computer memory upgrade can give your computer the zip it needs for today 's browsing. Graphic card upgrade will improve the performance of the computer as the GPU has its own CPU and on board memory, which it could improve computing experience by playing video better and freeing up memory this means that less RAM memory will be used. Graphic card it is necessary for a 32-bit system because the maximum RAM it can have is 4GB so a graphic could allow it to save more space. The last improve I am going to explain is that the hard drive upgrade, user will benefit from it by having more storage space and faster storage speed this means that more files, image and video could be store o the local hard drive. Overall, for plan one I think it is a short-term plan, however, the plan it is in budget and it will meet the user requirement, which it only used for completing easy task such as assignment writing, research information and uploading files

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