Unit 8 P4

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Sexual offences are sexual assaults that are covered in the Sexual Offences Act 2003. Sexual assault also known as sexual violence or abuse is any type of involuntary sexual activity that the victim does not give consent to (does not agree to) and it is never the victim’s fault. Sexual assault can include any type of sexual contact with someone who cannot consent, such as someone who is underage, has an intellectual disability, or is passed out. It also includes rape, attempted rape, sexual coercion, sexual contact with a child, incest (sexual contact between family members), Fondling or unwanted touching above or under clothes. Sexual assault can also be verbal or visual and it is anything that forces a person to join in unwanted sexual contact…show more content…
A person (D) is guilty of this offence if he intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of another person (V) with his penis and V does not consent to the penetration and D does not reasonably believe that V consents. Since rape is restricted to penile penetration it can only be committed by a man on a woman or another man and can only be dealt with in the crown court and any person guilty of this offence can be imprisoned for life. Rape can also happen when the victim cannot physically give consent, such as whilst she was drunk, passed out or high. Rape can also happen when the victim cannot legally give consent, such as if she is underage. Sections 75 and 76 apply to an offence under this section. Defences to rape under Section 1 of the SOA 2003 often arise from (but are not limited to) the…show more content…
This offence makes a person guilty if he intentionally touches another person sexually without their consent and the defendant does not reasonably believe that the victim consents. Sections 75 and 76 apply to an offence under this section. Sexual assault embodies a wide breadth of sexual acts carried out on a non-consenting participant, the definition is set in deliberately broad terms, which includes; Mere touching which can even amount to an offence if the touching was of clothing worn by the complainant. Pinching, slapping, kissing and touching naked genitalia and using naked organs to stroke, rub, press or touch. Defences to sexual assault under Section 3 of the SOA 2003 often include (but are not limited to) the
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