Nt1310 Unit Six Business Plan

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Instructional Plan Engage, Connect, and Launch: Engage: Say, “I know everyone here knows what a square and a rectangle are, but do you know the difference? These are two more 2 dimensional shapes that we’re going to talk about today.” Connect: Say, “Today we’re going to look at squares and rectangles and find out what is different between them because they both look like boxes, right? In fact, I’m sure everyone has received gifts that came in a square and a rectangle shaped box.” Launch: Say, “After we talk about them you’re going to go on a scavenger hunt to find these different kinds of shapes. We’ve been talking how shapes are everywhere and today we’re going to find more. Sequence of Learning Activities: Activity #1: Video activity: …show more content…

Say, “Everyone come to the rug so you can watch another fun video about shapes. Today we’ll be working with squares and rectangles and their parts.” 2. Play the videos 3. Ask the students, “What are the parts of a square? What are the parts of a rectangle? 4. Ask the students “Do they have a curve? What kind of lines do they have? How many sides does it have? How many corners does it have?” Wait for all students to respond) 5. Show students two things that have the shape of a square and rectangle around the room and model how they can come in different sizes and orientations. 6. Ask, “What other things can you think of have these …show more content…

Review with students how many sides, and corners squares have and how they are different. 2. Explain, “I want you to work with your partner each of you have to find at least 1 thing that has the shape of a square and 1 thing that has the shape of a rectangle. So that’s at least 4 things together.” 3. Ask, “Does anyone have any questions?” 4. Remind students, “There will be no running, loud talking, or fighting over items. You know how to behave and I want you on your best behavior or we won’t be able to do things like this.” 5. Observe and assess students as they work with their partners. 6. Listen to what the students are saying about shapes and items in the room. Make sure they are using academic language, if are not, correct them. 7. Explain, “We have 1 more minute to look.” 8. Say, “Times up my friends. Everyone come back to the rug to talk about what you found.” 9. Ask each of the groups what they found, how many of each they found, and have them explain what shape they are like and why. 10. Wait for all groups for their findings. 11. Say, my friends, you did awesome! Did you have fun? Remember went you’re out and about, look at things you see and think of the shapes that they are

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