Personal Narrative: A Child Called It

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I got up at 5:45 alright I slept later than usual to finish of a narrative writing. I laid in bed a little longer and then did my morning routine. I wore blue burmeds,light blue sandals,and brown/white/blue strip shirt. Jane left early to work because she needed to get things done. I ate a chocolate gonala bar and drank milk. My and I then walked to the bus stop. On the bus we got assigned seats since a few students misbehaved. I sat next to My,luckily and Bethanie got stuck with a girl who constantly talks and talks. In school My and I ate breakfast. They had mini pancakes. I talked to Zarina and Bethany. In language arts we read for 15. I finished A Child Called “It”. We then started to talk about subjects,verbs,articles,and predicates nominatives.…show more content…
Bethanie,Jenett and I played basketball (we get to choose what we want to play). Most of the time we talked while Adam and Brandon were playing basketball and messing around. Bethanie told them to “shut up” and etc. Yeah,she has a good and bad side. Sometimes she gets mad at me,real easily because I didn’t hear what she says or etc. When gym ended I went back to math class. We finished the homework sheet and got a on sheet on equations. We have two answer choices. If we pick an answer we have to do drawing and coloring afterwards. Because whatever number you get the drawing will have a certain feature. At lunch I wanted to get food quickly before the kids began to come in and Bethanie said “Uhh,can’t we just wait today,geez.” So we waited because she wanted to text her mom about getting ice-cream. Her mom never replied so we went to get our food. It was delicous meatballs with lazana,apples,and milk. We then headed upstairs into Mrs.Zirzows room. We sat in the far back. We ate our foods. Mrs.Zirzow had Cotton Candy Grapes and she didn’t really like them. She gave them to us,but Bethanie didn’t want any because she doesn’t like grapes. We watched cute animal videos and then I used my Chromebook to type…show more content…
I had the window seat and it was hot! At home My and I rested. I texted Zarina about hanging out on Friday. Dave got home and Nhi did too. Dave drove Nhi to her app. My and I then went upstairs. I did more Khan Aca and math work. My watched Nigahiga videos. We ate Hot Cheetos,Pringles and drank pop. Everyone returned home by 4:15. I stopped doing my math things and then read The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. I hope the book is as good as the movie I watched. I then recycled a few old papers and set in new folder like tab divder for my main binder. Then I typed my day and now its 6:00. It took time doing math work,reading,and etc. Dinner was fish,potatoes, and cracker with cheese. I asked Dave/Jane about hanging out with Zarina,they said sure.I played guitar adn then Dave,My and I went to the DeKalb Library around 7. I was going to check out the next book to A Child Called “it”,but I stumbled a pond How To Save A Life by Sara Zarr and You Know What You Have To Do by Bonnie Shimko. We got home at 7:30 and I played guitar and learned a Kelly Clarkson song. Then My and I messed around on the Chromebook using Chromespeak. We love the British Accent. Now its 10 and we’re heading to

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