Personal Narrative: Thanksgiving Break

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It was 7:05am on a Thursday morning, when I had woken. I lied down in my bed gazing at the ceiling as my obnoxious alarmed screamed at me to get up and prepare for another day of school. I was beyond exhausted. It was November 17th. Thanksgiving break was just around the corner waiting for me to relax and get my mind off the prison we call school. After showering and getting dressed, I walked downstairs to feed my dog and prepare myself a last-minute breakfast before leaving. “Can we please go?” I yelled as I read the time 7:41 on the microwave. I usually liked to arrive at school early to talk to my friends and occasionally walk to Racetrac or Chick-fil-a. As I left my house, I brought my friend with me. I always had him by my side when I went out. Not only has he had the biggest impact on my life, but has always been with me since I was a small child. His name is not spoken much, because to most it is irrelevant. To be honest, I really do hate him, but I cannot leave him even if I wanted to. I am stuck with him for the rest of my life. …show more content…

We conversed about how stressed we were and what our plans were for thanksgiving break. My friend usually didn’t stay around when I’m with my school friends. They seem to not pay attention or notice him at all. Shortly after the bell rang for first period, I instantly remembered the dread and anxiety that school brought upon me. This day was a block day; Four class periods that lasted for an hour and a half each. Block days always felt like an eternity. My friend had almost all the same classes as me. He would follow me from one class period to the next, hovering over me like a dark cloud. Most of the time I am able to stray away from him, but today in particular he seemed invincible to my attempts to ditch

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