Sustainable transport Essays

  • Importance Of Speed Limits

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    Speed limits in urban areas should apply in street that are primarily residential and in order town or city streets where pedestrians and cyclist movement are high, such as around schools, shops, market, university and movement is not the primary function, in this case the speed limit including 20 mph zone. In other built-up areas where motor vehicle movement is deemed more important, with development on both sides of the road which is the speed limit including 30 mph zone. Speed limits are set

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Ellis Island

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    day is finally my 14 birthday. My parents told me to wait a year to go to Ellis island and it is finally here. Now all I have to do is go from Clonmel to Tramore where the boat will be and from there to france. It has been one long day and my horse, Tug, is getting tired and he needs food. We are almost to Tramore and I am also hungry to. We finally make it to Tramore and I go straght to the market. I buy 4 apples, 2 loafs of bread, and a jar of jelly. I decied to take it on the ship to eat.I had

  • Personal Narrative: My First Tennis Season Against Wilsonville

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    It was a late afternoon when Marlon and I were getting ready for our first tennis match of the 2014-2015 season against Wilsonville. This was my first year playing tennis and I didn’t know much, but I felt confident about this match knowing that I have played alot with my friends. The tennis courts were gorgeous at this time of day. The sun was shining, the courts were bright with red and green, and the breeze of the slight wind made me feel calm. “You ready for this match”? Marlon asked. “Heck

  • Definition Essay: Why Men Harass Women

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    Imagine being a woman in your early twenties walking to college.The building is not that that far from your current home, so you walk in order to spend less. It is about six in the afternoon in the winter and the day is already dark. You are minding your own business when you notice a man on the sidewalk. He seems significantly older and suspicious. He is looking in your direction. As you get closer, you hear him whistle. You start to think he is just calling someone else until he makes a comment

  • Traffic Congestion In New York City

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    Motor vehicles are an important contribution to society. However, it can lead to traffic congestion, “an excess of vehicles on a portion of roadway at a particular time resulting in speeds that are slower” according to the U. S Department of Transportation. Traffic congestion is an integral part of New York but whether or not its effects are generally beneficial or harmful is debatable. It has a number of negative effects on New York and the health of its inhabitants. However, it is beneficial towards

  • Case Study: Carlyle Avenue Crosswalk

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    Students use the Carlyle Avenue crosswalk everyday before and after school. Without the crosswalk there could be more accidents than there are now. However, there are issues with traffic before and after school on Carlyle Avenue, West Boulevard, and in the East parking lot. Students who live within a mile of the school have no buses provided for them by the school. Those students who do not have a bus to ride either have to drive or walk to and from school. The traffic before and after school is

  • Swot Analysis Paper

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    SITE ANALYSIS (SWOT) Fig 1.2a, Location Map of 22 block Lock Road Strength: The first strength of the building is it is located near the entrance from Depot Rd and sited on higher land than Lock Road where vehicles pass by. The view from the side of the building (entering from Depot Rd to Lock Rd) is very welcoming to the visitors. It allows vehicle to drop by right in front of the building. Second, there are ramps provided surrounding the building which might be beneficial for the access of wheelchair

  • Discrimination In To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

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    In To Kill a Mockingbird there are lots of racial, gender, and religious, discrimination. Which is shown a multiple amount of times throughout the novel. To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel written by Harper Lee which takes place in Maycomb Alabama, where there is a lot of racial discrimination. But there is also some gender, and religious, discrimination. The main Characters of the book are Atticus, Scout, and Jem Finch. Throughout the novel To Kill a Mockingbird the author gives the reader insight

  • Persuasive Essay On Animal Rescue

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    The animal rescue industry doesn't think that a girl is fit for the job. That’s why you very rarely see woman diving into freezing waters to save a dog or cat. Women are fragile said my father who believed women should stay home and take care of the kids. But i didn't care i was going to be an animal rescuer no matter what. “If you hold fast to dreams. For if dreams die. Life is a broken-winged bird.That cannot fly”(Hughes) I don't want to be a bird that can’t fly, i want to score higher than any

  • Persuasive Speech Against Bike Lanes

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    Introduction Attention getter- bicyclists, are they allowed to ride in the streets or on the sidewalk? According to the Findlaw website in California copyright 2016, anyone over the age of thirteen is not not allowed to bike on sidewalks. Cycling in the streets has its own rules too, for example you have to wear a helmet, always have one hand on the handlebars, and follow traffic laws. What if I told you that I have a solution to this problem, bike lanes. I know that there are already bike lanes

  • Paulsen: A Short Story

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    The dark alleyway was mocking me as I walked down through the darkness.The street was dead. No one was there beside me. I was used to it though. Happy and the group walked up to me. I thought of running but I was so tired I couldn’t take another step. They stared at me. ”What are you waiting for? “Hit me already!” I screamed. They kept staring at me. They didn’t say a word. “Listen, we need to talk to you”, Happy said with a calm voice.”About what?” Paulsen said with a bitter voice.”This is

  • Limousine Persuasive Speech

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    If you are looking for transport to an occasion, that would be comfy, quick and classy, look forget about. Limousine businesses nowadays can provide luxury vehicles that are inexpensive, enjoyable and easy in order to rent. Leasing a limousine instead of a normal vehicle will certainly get general public attention. Everybody will question who the special person is that covers behind the actual colored windows in such an attractive car. Additionally, the limousine rentals companies take care of their

  • Diction And Analysis Of Bluebeard In Richard Wright's Black Boy

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    This text is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of Richard Wright’s novel Black Boy. Richard is a young naive boy who lives in a religious household with many restrictions . He is a troubled kid due to his huge curiosity and determination achieve his desires. In this excerpt Richard urges Ella, a schoolteacher who works for Granny, to read him a ‘forbidden’ book. Ella refuses, knowing Granny would be angered by reason of her strict and religious beliefs. After Richard constantly nagging her, she starts reading

  • How To Smash Burger-Personal Narrative

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    “We should go to that new burger joint that opened up the other day.” Jan suggested. “Smash Burger” Ariana replied. “Yeah sounds good.” “Is everyone okay with that?” Ariana asked. Ariana looked around and everyone seemed pretty happy with the idea but when Ariana’s eyes crossed paths with Sara’s, she noticed that Sara sort of had a blank expression and it seemed like she was just staring into space. In the matter of seconds, a red flash appeared in Sara’s once dull eyes. Ariana stumbled back

  • Wayville: A Short Story

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    Wayville It all happened so fast. I remembered me and my brother walking out of our house telling my mum goodbye, then my brother stopping to look at the Adelaide Oval. Then a man getting out of his truck, a gunshot going off and me falling to the ground, that’s where the memory stops. When I woke up I was still on the ground with people crowding around me. I tried to get up, but there was a sharp pain in my right shoulder and I fell down again. “I wouldn’t try that mate. The bullet ripped

  • El Salvador: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

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    It was July 15, 2012 my heart was pounding as fast as a racing car,as I slowly walked the steps of the enormous plane,I slowly thought of how different my life was gonna be, in new place i’ve never been to.I felt exited to meet this place but at same time I felt scared……how different was Latin America gonna be? “El Salvador”,my mom softly repeated the name of the place we where traveling to.After four hours of watching the white clouds,and the peaceful sky, we had finally arrived. As we stepped

  • Personal Narrative: Thanksgiving Break

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    It was 7:05am on a Thursday morning, when I had woken. I lied down in my bed gazing at the ceiling as my obnoxious alarmed screamed at me to get up and prepare for another day of school. I was beyond exhausted. It was November 17th. Thanksgiving break was just around the corner waiting for me to relax and get my mind off the prison we call school. After showering and getting dressed, I walked downstairs to feed my dog and prepare myself a last-minute breakfast before leaving. “Can we please

  • Social Observation: Social Norms At The Cherry Creek Mall

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    People watching is a common pastime in our society, and let’s face it, it is instinctive. Being a keen observer of those around you can give you insight into different behaviors, which can be invaluable in your day to day life. For my social observation assignment, I decided to observe the social norms at the Cherry Creek mall. I was able to view all different types of people from children to elderly adults as they acted and reacted to established and accepted behaviors of society. Children are

  • Traffic Jam In Kazakhstan Essay

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    Private car Nowadays private car is one of the main causes of traffic jam. In Kurdistan Most families have their own cars. The vast majority of people prefer using their own cars, because they believe that private automobiles are more comfortable, faster and they think they can not use public transportation every time and from everywhere, due to lack of public transportation near the new areas and villages. With growing population demand to import cars into Kurdistan increase. Increasing number

  • 29th Event Narrative

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    The 29th Event Ever since five years ago a dark pathway opened on February 29th. Weirdly I was born on the day of the event so in a way I think is attached to me, but I haven’t seen the place yet so everyone thinks I’m normal, but lately the tests at the lab are getting harder and school’s bullies are getting really rough and I have been under a lot of stress lately. So I get up and walk out my dorm room and see a label on my door that I didn’t think I noticed before. The label read “Aaron Parker