Case Study: Carlyle Avenue Crosswalk

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Students use the Carlyle Avenue crosswalk everyday before and after school. Without the crosswalk there could be more accidents than there are now. However, there are issues with traffic before and after school on Carlyle Avenue, West Boulevard, and in the East parking lot. Students who live within a mile of the school have no buses provided for them by the school. Those students who do not have a bus to ride either have to drive or walk to and from school. The traffic before and after school is both crazy and dangerous.
In 2013, a boy was walking on the Carlyle Avenue crosswalk almost got hit by a car. His bookbag had broken while he was walking across the street and he tried to pick up everything that fell out. One of the drivers on that road must not have noticed and nearly hit the boy. Many students walk across Carlyle Avenue everyday. Parents find it difficult getting out of the school parking lot at the end of the day, so they pick their children up in the Shop N’ Save parking lot. Therefore the students have to walk across Carlyle Avenue to meet their parents. Parents also do not have an assigned spot to pick their kids up in the parking lot. Parents either park in …show more content…

Which it actually is their responsibility considering the fact that the soccer team has to cross the street in order to reach the practice fields. Another counter argument could be that making the area a school zone would slow down traffic and possibly hurt businesses such as Sandy’s Back Porch, McDonalds, etc. The speed limit would only change during school hours. Someone could say that we have no space in the parking lot for a parent pick up area or another exit. When infact there is space, they could also use the empty end of the parking lot as a parent section for pick ups and add an exit at the end. There is no counter argument that could ever be more important than students

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