Driving While Stupid By Dave Barry Analysis

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Final “Driving While Stupid” written by Dave Barry explains to his readers why Miami, Florida is the most dangerous place to drive in in the world because of the reckless drivers. Though it is not a fact that Miami has the most dangerous drivers, he explains why he believes it could be the most dangerous by telling the readers the experiences he has been in in many other places. The way he gets his argument across is by using many different hyperboles to emphasis the main point of this short story. In the beginning of his short story, Dave Barry, gives the readers a setting of the “worst darned drivers in the world.” He then explains that it is not just any random interstate but instead I-95. This interstate is not a large interstate but as well as on of the busiest ones in the entire East Coast. Barry then uses a rhetorical …show more content…

The author first talks about his experience in Boston, Massachusetts where the traffic is insanely busy constantly. He states, “the motorist all drive as though there is an open drawbridge just ahead, and they need to gain speed so they can jump across it.” Not only did he experience these hazardous driving places just in a car but as well as other vehicles too. Barry then talks about his experience in riding a bus in China.He explains all the commotion between cars, trucks, bicycles, and even ox-drawn carts! He talks about how the bus even pushed the people out of the way. The reason he tells the readers this story is to just show insane the driving is around the world and it still does not compare to the experience he faced in Miami, Florida. The author then at the end of the story tells why Miami is has the most dangerous drivers. He talks about his experience where another person drove “600 miles per hour.” This hyperbole exaggerates but makes the point to the readers that he was going too

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