Article Summary: Driving While Stupid By Dave Barry

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Final Paper Assignment In the column “Driving while Stupid” Dave Barry, known for his writing humor, gives some examples of people who are committing unbelievably dangerous acts while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Barry used humor, as usual, in this short article to entertain the read while still getting his point across- that he has seen some crazy drivers and most of them are in Miami. Barry starts his article by convincing the reader that Miami has the worst drivers on planet earth. He goes into great detail of all the places he has traveled inside and outside the United States. He states that he agrees with the statement that the places he has been like China, Italy, and Mar del Plata are all stupid drivers; however, he does this to show his experience with these bad drivers in these places to back up his agreement that he knows Miami is the worst. There are a few things he could have added to this statement that may have been more convincing. A major thing Barry didn’t do was describe more than two instances of bad drivers in Miami. All the examples he provided for the other counties like explaining he has “driven in Italy, where there is only one traffic law, which is that no driver may ever be behind any other driver, the result …show more content…

Yes he has the experience to accurately Miami drivers to the cities he has been in, but the experience in each city doesn’t match the amount of time he has spent in his home- Miami. Obviously if you are in one place more than another you will see more things happen then in other cities. Even if he has had bad experiences in other cities with drivers there are studies that show the brain remembers bad experiences more than good experiences. So, even if Dave had given more examples of bad drivers in Miami…would his statement still be

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