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Quotes My Response p. 181 “They file through eight locked metal doors to arrive at the E pod, where immigrant children as young as twelve are held. They are housed, at times, in the same pod with accused rapists and other felons.” 1 How is that possible? Immigrants children treated as danger criminals. After the arrest by United States Border Patrol agents, Latin American children are mixed with others children in a regular prison. Most of the prisoners are dangerous, and now young immigrants risk their lives for several months. Poor children, I feel sorry for them. Children mistreated everywhere: in their homes, on the way to the United States, and now in jail. On top of that, the system would deport them to their homeland. p. 182 “Locked …show more content…

Those children come from open spaces, and they are accustomed to freedom. Unfortunately, they have not committed a felony to be in jail; their only crime is to have been abandoned. They mature at a young age. It is hard for children, and it has been difficult for people who work with these cases too. p. 185 “The engine starts, and the driver passes back a pack of beer. He asks Enrique to put it into a cooler. The driver pops a top.” 3 That man is irresponsible. He is drinking and driving, but he is in charge of a group of people. He does not care. The poor immigrants risk their lives throughout the trip. It is strange that border patrol agents do not check for drunk drivers. They should do it because the checkpoint is almost always by a highway. Drunk drivers are a danger for the rest of the traffic. p. 187 “In 1999, a sister in Honduras disclosed the truth about Enrique: 'He's getting in trouble. He's changed.' He was smoking marijuana. The news made Lourdes sick.” 4 How is this possible? During all those years Lourdes never received complaints about her children until now when Enrique has an addiction. Do they notify her when Enrique's drop out school? Did Lourdes worry about it? Did she try to help Enrique in those years? I do not think so. Now, when the situation is more difficult, Lourdes is worried. She waited a long

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