How To Struggle For Survival In America Essay

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Struggling for survival in Somalia.

A country living with children on its streets is a country with no love for itself. Thousands of children in Somalia are left homeless with no parents to look after them because they were either lost in war or have gotten really sick due to the outbreak of various diseases. It is a terrible thing that the country doesn’t have a stabilized government to go to for help and that children are left to figure out their way of survival on their own.

It hurts my heart that the children here are exposed to incredibly high levels of crime throughout their daily lives. Why are they left to deal with such harsh things at such a young age? Why can’t they live simple childhoods like us children here in America? Because their are no means of secure living, many orphans have joined the recruitment of armed conflict. By joining the militia the children see a possible future of survival with their fellow soldiers. Imagine already carrying a gun once in your childhood or being involved in some type of violent conflict at a young age, this is reality for 90% percent of Somali children. The leaders of the Militias force the children into violent acts of crime and promise them pay to be able to help …show more content…

Health facilities that are used in the country treat the children very poorly. They are chained up for months and forced to take medications that they don 't really need. ”Rather than providing appropriate and voluntary medical care or rehabilitation, these facilities subject residents to prison like regulations, isolation and involuntary treatment” said an African researcher by the name of Laetitia Bader. They have to start treating their people and children like human beings or else Somalia will never see life the way it should be, without so much death and suffering throughout their everyday

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